Fleet service agreements – Fassmer SHIELD



S … Safety at sea
H … High quality/High performance
I … International
E … Economic solutions
L … Long-term
D … Discounts

When it comes to repair and inspection of lifesaving equipment, do you expect the highest standards of safety, accuracy, and diligence? Are you looking for steady rates, for the sake of better budget planning? In that case, we have the solution: The Fassmer Shield Fleet Service Agreements.

The Fassmer Shield Fleet Service Agreement is adaptable to your very needs. Lean back and relax for the next few years, and we will do the rest.

FASSMER SHIELD is available in three options


“Economy” is the choice for you if you want a Fleet Agreement – including single-point contact persons, 24/7 service hotline access, and fixed inspection fees per ship for annual and 5-yearly inspections.


You want additional discounts on spare parts and fixed travel costs for selected port lists? Then the “Premium” option is the one for you. With fixed rates for repairs from Monday to Sunday including bank holidays, your bill will be short, clear, and comprise only a few items.


You already know and trust us and our service? Or maybe you want the best service and the highest safety level, because you care for your passengers and crew? Then you and the Fassmer Shield Option “First” are a perfect fit. You enjoy all the “Premium” advantages, and your crew receives additional regular training sessions. With your personal access to our Service Management Database, you have a complete overview at all times. We meet your ambitious safety demands with additional free-of-charge pre-inspections for dry dockings, and combine this with world-wide fixed travel costs and discounted repair rates.


Our sales department will be glad to answer your questions and give you information : sales@fassmer.de