Quality Management

Qualifications – for competent training and inspections

A team of highly qualified Fassmer service engineers is authorized to conduct the installation, commissioning and testing of lifeboats, davits and deck equipment. According to the most recent SOLAS regulations the Fassmer Service Team is able to train crew members to operate LSA equipment and carry out weekly and monthly maintenance. Fassmer service engineers perform the 1 & 5-year inspections according to the highest of Fassmer quality level and required SOLAS regulations.

Our Team is regularly trained and has all necessary qualifications such as: 

  • OPITO Offshore
  • Medical certificates OGUK + OLF
  • MIST
  • CAT A EBS Training
  • GWO working at heights


Approved Service & Quality Management

All service works are tracked by our high safety and quality management system which is approved and complies with DIN ISO 9001:2008.

ISO 9001.pdf

Our service is also approved by a variety of class authorities/flagstates:

American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)


Bermuda Flag Authorization

Bermuda Flag.pdf

Bureau Veritas (BV)



Lloyds Register (LR)

Panama Flag Authorization

Panama Flag.pdf



See Berufsgenossenschaft (SeeBG)


Authorised manufacturers worldwide

There are a number of LSA manufacturers worldwide who are trained and authorized Fassmer Service engineers. Please check the following list to find one in your vicinity.

Annual and 5-yearly service on LSA
Fassmer Service GmbH & Co. KG is approved and certified by the following manufacturers:

Manufacturer Equipment Country
Wuxi Hai Hong Boat Making Co. Ltd. Lifeboats China
Oriental Precision & Engineering Co. Ltd. Davits Korea
Fassmer Marland Lifeboats/Davits China


For the following LSA Fassmer Service GmbH & Co. KG have German flag state approval:

Manufacturer Equipment Country
VEB Rechlin Lifeboats Germany
Robert Hatecke Lifeboats Germany

General Terms & Conditions

Our GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR REPAIRS AND SERVICE do apply on all our transactions, and a copy can be downloaded with below link:

Download our General Terms and Conditions for Repairs and Service (PDF)